Types Of Makeup Brushes You Should Have

Brushes – Makeup is a great way of expressing one’s personality. The kind of makeup that helps you apply to display your true character. No matter what kind of makeup you like, light, medium or heavy; there are a few essential things that you must have. Ranging from products to colors, brushes are the most important thing you must have.

Here is a list of some types of brushes you should have in your makeup kit.

Foundation Brush

It is important to have a good brush that helps you in blending the foundation evenly. Brushes are best for shadow placement of the foundation. You can use it either a powdered one or liquid. You could also use a sponge to blend in your foundation in case you are looking for a thicker layer. 

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Highlighter Brush

A highlighter accentuates your cheek bones and helps give you a dewy look. To blend that in you need to get a fan shaped brush which helps with the contouring. It allows an easy pick-up and this one has a good grip. Before applying remember to dust off the excess powder. 


One of the most important things you should do daily is shape your eyebrows and comb your eyelashes. Accentuate your eyes and brows. The spoolie brings out a natural look. This brush can also be helpful in applying mascara. 

Face brush

Face brush is another brush that can be used to blend in the foundation. You can blend in making circles around your face. It can be used to powder your face with a compact. The thick handle makes it easy to blend. You can also use this brush to add some blush on your face. 

Lastly, the best deal of course, would be to get a full set of brushes, all 25 of them. This will help you in experimenting your style and comfort with makeup. Make sure you are using the right brush to blend in the product. Moreover, a good makeup kit always comes in handy for all kinds of occasion! Invest in one of those!

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