Try these Handmade Organic Soap Bars For That Glowing Skin


Organic Soap: Handmade soap bars are quite popular these days. After all, they are a choice of sustainable switch and also have amazing skin-loving benefits. Soap bars are directly moulded and prepared in small batches by hands. Generally, they come with essential oils with glycerine bases. So this weekend, we have selected the best hand made bars for you.

Earth Rain by Mud and Mood

Essential oils of eucalyptus and cedar wood are used to make this soap. Also, it has ingredients like Dead Sea mud and charcoal which provides you with a minty fresh feeling.

Kaisori Rose Geranium Soap

This soap comes in a beautiful packaging. The packaging has miniature paintings created by local artists which shows femininity in all its full form. All its ingredients are directly sourced from Kashmir. It has a plant-based glycerin and castor oil which makes your skin nourished. The rose and geranium’s antibacterial properties helps in protecting your skin.


The Switchfix Co Viva La Sativa Shampoo Bar

It is a vegan handmade shampoo bar which gives you a zero-waste and plastic-free packaging. It has the benefits of hemp seed oil which is infused with antioxidants and omega fatty acids to keep your scalp healthy and moisturised.


Vilvah Unscented Goat Organic Milk Soap

This handmade soap bar is made out of farm-fresh raw goat milk. It provides extra hydrating properties as it contains AHAs and vitamins that help you get rid of body acne. This moisturising bar is infused with extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and castor oil which are helpful for dry skin.


Surprise Elements Citrus Got Real Organic Soap Bar

This handmade soap bar is blended with lemon, bergamot and tangerine which make you fresh. It has all the goodness of olive oil and shea butter too.

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