Travel Essentials You Must Have!

Travel – Traveling to another place is always great to relax. However, it is also important to pack your essentials. You should have enough things; in case you’re stranded somewhere. There are many things that you should keep with you.. And fret not! We have curated an all inclusive list for you to make your next trip efficient and comfortable! We have also added amazon links, so you can instantly purchase with just the click of a button!

Duffel Bag 

A good duffel bag is the key to good packing. You can keep all your essentials in this bag and carry with ease. The canvas material is sturdy and lasts longer. It’s olive and brown color even makes it look good!

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If you are one of those people who like to pack well and pack a lot, a rucksack will suit you well. This sturdy and long backpack can fit your little world inside. And the best part is, it is very easy to carry! String it along your shoulders and you can walk around freely! 

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Toilet Seat Covers

Hygiene is a huge issue, especially during a road trip. It is a great idea to buy these toilet seat covers and be tension free. Just put this along the seat. Additionally, you can buy a PeeSafe toilet seat spray — to sanitise the seat before applying these covers!

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Neck Pillow

Travel is about experience. But travel is also about comfort. Whether you are going on a road trip or taking a flight; having a neck pillow will keep you happy. Just strap it around your neck and sleep whenever you want! 

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Travel Organiser

Nothing irritates me more than having a messy bag. Buy this travel organiser and keep all your things in one place!

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Travel Cosmetic Bottles

You can keep these travel bottles instead of carrying your daily bulky shampoo and shower gels. The best part about these bottles is that neither are they bulky, nor do you need to purchase mini bottles every time you travel. You can customise the quantity of the liquid you want to carry. 

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Toothbrush Cover

Keeping your toothbrush safe and clean is a big task. We undermine the importance of a clean toothbrush. However, with these toothbrush covers you will not only keep them clean, it is also very easy to spot and differentiate. 

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Travel Shoe Bag

Carrying your shoes and slippers is always a pain. You never are able to find the right bag to put them in… However, if you buy this travel shoe bag, you can keep both your dirty or clean shoes in this. Keep your footwear separate and avoid getting your stuff dirty!

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Camelbak Bottle

It is always a great idea to keep your own water bottle. Not only is it clean, it is also eco-friendly. Instead of buying multiple disposable water bottles, you can keep this bottle with you. If you have a liking for hot or cold water; you can also invest in an insulated thermos. 

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Of course, this list is not all inclusive. However, we do hope that this made your life easier! Buy and store these essentials. And ensure your travel plans are always comfortable!

Another pro tip; always keep your liquids in ziplocs. In fact, you must always keep extra laundry bags to keep things separate and clean!

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