Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Japan is known for its beauty and delicious food. The ever-popular Sushi and Sashami are loved by many. But, did you know! There are more delicious Japanese dishes that you may not know about or have never tried.

Take a look at these delicious authentic Japanese food –


1. Miso Soup

Miso soup is generally served as a side dish with meals and never as a dish. Inside the base soup tofu, onion, wakame seaweed, sweet potatoes, carrots, and radish are added. The dish always comes with a bowl of rice and 1 or 2 dishes.


4. Kare Raisu

The popular curry rice is different from other curry dishes in Japan. A variety of meats and veggies are used to make this dish. The curry also has different levels of spices like mild, medium, and hot.


3. Yakitori

Earlier, the meat used for Yakitori was just chicken as, Tori means bird. But these days it is made from pork, beef, and fish too. Yakitori are like skewers that are mixed with veggies and meat. The skewers are cooked on grill and dipped in teriyaki sauce.


4. Shabu Shabu

A Japanese hot dish, ShabuShabu has different kinds of meat and seafood. You need to first pick-up your meat, dip it in the consommé and once it’s cooked you dip sesame seeds with rice and then relish the taste.

Try out these delicious Japanese food and enjoy some great dinner time with your family!

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