Things To Do For a Gorgeous Skin

Taking care of yourself is a very important thing… The more you take care of yourself.. The happier you are.. And the more confident you feel! One of the most important aspects of self care is skin care.. A happy, glowing skin makes a happy you.. Keep your skin care for your own self..

Take ample care of it and feel the difference in yourself.. Popular culture keeps suggesting that taking care of yourself results in buying things.. In fact, that is as away from the truth as it can be! Ask your mothers and grandmothers.. 

Before consumerism and capitalism clawed on us.. Keeping yourself happy.. And taking care of yourself was very easy! Instead, you should pick things up from your kitchen or your garden.. These home remedies or ‘ghar ke nuske’ are the best way to take care of yourself! Here are some very simple tips and tricks.. The answer to the pestering questions.. What should you do to get a gorgeous skin!


Turmeric or Haldi is a great anti-inflammatory.. It has very beneficial properties that help in taking care of you.. Put some turmeric or kasturi manjal in some rose water.. Mix it well and put it on your face as a pack.. Don’t forget to apply some on your neck as well.. Turmeric provides a glow and luster to your skin.. In fact, you will feel refreshed.. Wipe it off using warm water and moisturize your skin.. This will ensure that your pores are not left open.. As a matter of fact, haldi is very beneficial since it is a natural product.. To check for allergy reactions, test on the inside of your arm.. If there isn’t any reaction.. You are good to go! This is a very easy to make pack… Does not require any prior preparations! You can apply this whenever you want!


Raw milk helps in treating acne prone skin… Every morning, make it a ritual to apply some raw milk all over your face using cotton.. You will feel refreshed, energised.. And in fact, it will cleanse off any excess oil or pollutants from your skin.. If the milk is cold, it will help awake your skin! Milk also helps in keeping the skin moisturised.. It makes it look healthy and happy!

Virgin Coconut Oil

Instead of buying chemical products from various brands.. The best way to moisturise is using virgin coconut oil.. It keeps the body moisturised.. Coconut oil also helps in reducing lines and wrinkles.. In fact, it leaves a really calming effect on your body… It helps in reducing any redness as well! 

Rose Water

Spray some rose water on your face whenever you feel tired! It leaves a fragrant luster.. Rose water is a great skin toner as well! It reduces the puffiness and redness of the skin.. It makes you look and feel completely fresh! Rose water also has antibacterial properties.. It helps in reducing the probability of acne on the skin!

Sleep Well

Correct your sleep cycle.. Make sure you are sleeping the time that your body demands.. Exhaustion and fatigue first shines on the skin! It makes you look a little dull.. And even reduces your energy level! Sleep well… So that your skin has enough rest!

Always check for allergic reactions before applying any product or ingredient! The best way to keep your skin happy is by using organic products… Check the ingredients of any product before you buy! In fact, the best way is to grow as many things as you can at your home! Or simply source it from the farmer’s market!

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