The Five Languages Of Love In Marriage

Married for years? Feel that there is no love left? Well, in our experience no relationship lasts if there no ounce of love. Confused! Here are 5 languages of love in a marriage.

1. Quality Time

Quality time doesn’t mean spending hours and hours with each other, but spending time to the fullest even if it’s for 1 hour. Plan some activity like cooking together, watching a movie cuddled in a blanket, or eating your meals. If you partner takes out time for you or creates special moments, then understand that there’s love in your marriage.


2. Physical Touch

One thing that keeps your relationship alive is physical touch. Physical touch isn’t just about satisfying your needs but also a way to show affection towards your partner. Keeping it alive is one of the main aspects in a long and lasting relationship.

3. Receiving Gifts

Everyone loves receiving gifts every now-and-then. Giving gifts to your partner in other words reassures your partner about their importance in your life. Gift them something, something that they can use or they’ll cherish.


4. Words of Affirmations

Praise your partner for everything that they do, it builds self-confidence and also encourages them to do something for you and your family. So, if your partner has cooked something for you, compliment them!

5. Acts of Service

Simple acts of service bring you closer to your partner. Whether it is being emotionally available or just helping them out in chores.

In the end, love more and get loved!

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