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Famous Food Of Jharkhand

Not many know that there are famous foods of Jharkhand that will leave you craving for more. The cuisine of Jharkhand is not different from Bihar. This is also because Jharkhand was a part of Bihar up till 2000. But, the cooking style is different and exquisite. They use mustard oil to cook food, as it gives more aroma.

Here are a few famous foods of Jharkhand that you must try –


1. Aloo Chokha

One of the popular dishes of Jharkhand, Aloo Chokha is prepared from Mashed potatoes, fried onions, and spices. This dish is majorly eaten as a side dish with rice or roti.


2. Dhuska

A part of every household, Dhuska is eaten for breakfast. It is made from traditional ghungi, that is simple curry made with chickpea. Your journey in Jharkhand is incomplete without trying Dhuska.


3. Chilka Roti

Chilka Roti is prepared from rice flour and besan. It’s mainly cooked during festive seasons and special occasions. It is teamed with chana dal chutney, and prepared similar to a dosa.


4. Til Barfi

Prepared majorly on Makar Sakranti, this yummy dessert is the pride of Jharkhand. The scrumptious and nutritious delicacy is made from til (sesame seeds). It’s loved by all the locals of Jharkhand.