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Are Salads Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time when women experience changes in their bodies, emotions, and moods. Your lifestyle and diet change and you have food cravings.

If you like eating freshly prepared salads. And during pregnancy eating salads would be a good discussion. Salads include a variety of vegetables that have essential nutrients like iron, calcium, and folate. If you are a non-vegetarian then you can add some of it in your salads. Eating non-veg salads will keep you full and your hunger will be satiated for a long-time.

Here are some salads that are pregnancy safe –


1. Paneer Salads

Paneer is a good addition to your fresh salad. You can add some of the soft paneer along with your veggies and enjoy.


2. Fruit Salads

Fruits are safe and healthy option to eat during your pregnancy. Try out a bowl of fruit salad. You can also add some yogurt to your salad to balance out the flavours.


3. Garden Salads

Adding more iron and folate to your diet is important. Add some lettuce and spinach to your salads.


4. Meat and Seafood Salads

Meat and seafood is good for your health, but make sure you don’t consume raw meat or seafood. Make a meat salad with most meat cooked to perfection.

Add some of these delicious salads and enjoy your pregnancy.

Breastfeeding? Here’s What You Should Eat

Postpartum, a woman goes through a lot of changes physically. One of the most important things she requires is to eat healthy to ensure great health for herself and the baby. It is imperative to regulate your sugar and fat intake as it can affect the milk. Another thing to remember is to have a balanced diet and not do any kind of dieting. Dieting can reduce the production of milk and reduce the weight of the mother.

Here are some Indian dishes that you can eat while breastfeeding –


1. Mixed Veggies and Chapatti 

It is important to have a balanced diet and what better than to mix all the vegetables in tasty Masala. However make sure the sabzi is not too spicy.


2. Gond Ladoo

The ladoo is high in calories and is an instant energy booster. Being around an infant can be exhausting and this ladoo helps in taking better care of your infant.


3. Palak Paneer

Leafy vegetables are the best thing to eat as they are rich in iron. Fix it up with paneer and enjoy the all-time favourite Palak Paneer.


4. Methi Aloo

Fenugreek increases the milk production in lactating women. However, once you reach the adequate amount of milk, you can discontinue eating it. Methi aloo is one of the most favoured fenugreek dishes and is safe to eat!


There are many other things you can eat while lactating, just be sure to have the right amount of nutrients and have a balance in what you eat.