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Road Travel Checklist During COVID-19

The onset of the pandemic has brought out many drastic lifestyle changes. And that most imperatively include traveling and the precautions one must take. Earlier, you could be content with the first aid kids and basic hygienic products. However, now with the world crippling under a mutating virus, the game has changed. The safest way to commute is within the confines and safety of your own vehicle.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep your road travel safe –


1. Keep an alcohol sanitizer handy

It is true for all times that you need to keep your hands clean, but while traveling it is essential. Keep one in the car and one with that will be handy and on you at all times.


2. Mask is a must

It is imperative to keep a mask on you, especially if you get off the car or stop anywhere.



3. Keep gloves handy

In case you feel the need to get out of your car, keep a pair of gloves handy so that you aren’t directly touching any surface.


4. Avoid stopping

Even though it could be tough, it is advised that you avoid taking as many stops as possible.

And overall, try to avoid travelling as much as possible and stay safe at your home.