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Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Japan is known for its beauty and delicious food. The ever-popular Sushi and Sashami are loved by many. But, did you know! There are more delicious Japanese dishes that you may not know about or have never tried.

Take a look at these delicious authentic Japanese food –


1. Miso Soup

Miso soup is generally served as a side dish with meals and never as a dish. Inside the base soup tofu, onion, wakame seaweed, sweet potatoes, carrots, and radish are added. The dish always comes with a bowl of rice and 1 or 2 dishes.


4. Kare Raisu

The popular curry rice is different from other curry dishes in Japan. A variety of meats and veggies are used to make this dish. The curry also has different levels of spices like mild, medium, and hot.


3. Yakitori

Earlier, the meat used for Yakitori was just chicken as, Tori means bird. But these days it is made from pork, beef, and fish too. Yakitori are like skewers that are mixed with veggies and meat. The skewers are cooked on grill and dipped in teriyaki sauce.


4. Shabu Shabu

A Japanese hot dish, ShabuShabu has different kinds of meat and seafood. You need to first pick-up your meat, dip it in the consommé and once it’s cooked you dip sesame seeds with rice and then relish the taste.

Try out these delicious Japanese food and enjoy some great dinner time with your family!

Different Soup You Must Try

Soups are bring made since ancient times that are served before dinner. Soups are made from the broth of chicken and vegetables that ensures you get the right nutritional value in your bodies. A hot cup of soup every day will ensure you have a light and healthy dinner.

Here are some soups that you can try at home –


1. Minestrone Soup

This classic vegetable soup is present in every Italian menu you look at. You can make some of the minestrone soup at home easily. Add some zucchini, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, pasta, and any other vegetable you like. Eat it with some garlic bread or breadsticks.


2. Cioppino

Cioppino: prop styling: Lindsey Lower; food styling: Kellie Kelley

A healthy fish stew, Cioppino was introduced in San Fran Cisco by Italian Immigrants. The soups can be made with different seafood like crab, shrimp, squid fish, and even mussels. You can also add some spaghetti. Don’t forget to add some herbs for an elevated flavour.


3. Beer Cheese Soup

This delicious soup is a popular one in Germany. The creamy soup is made from beer and loads of cheese. It is traditionally eaten with stale bread, pretzels, or toasted croutons.


4. Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken tortilla soup is a spicy chicken broth that has fried corn tortilla pieces. The soup has tomatoes, garlic, onion, and assorted chillies. It’s garnished with sour creams, sliced chillies, and avocado.

Try these yummy soups and bring in some variation to your monotonous life.

What Eat During Your Third Trimester

Don’t eat for two but eat healthily. During your pregnancy, you must eat healthy to keep yourself and your child healthy. The third trimester starts from the 28th week and extends till delivery. This is the time you and your baby need all the nutrition. During this trimester, you need to add 500 calories per day to your diet. Add more fruits, lentils, salads, seeds and nuts, and sprouts to your diet.

Here is a sample meal plan for 4 days –


1. Day 1

  • Breakfast: Grilled Paneer Sandwich and Tea
  • Snacks: Guava
  • Lunch: Aloo Matar, KadduSabzi and Chapatti
  • Snacks: Dhokla and Buttermilk
  • Dinner: Pasta in tomato sauce and Steamed Broccoli Sticks


2. Day 2

  • Breakfast: Cornflakes with Banana, Dates, and Milk
  • Snacks: Mango
  • Lunch: Paneer Sabzi, BhindikiSabzi, Chapatti
  • Snacks: Jal Jeera, Cucumber & Carrot Stick
  • Dinner: Mixed Dal, Chicken Tikka, Moong Sprouts and Rice


3. Day 3

  • Breakfast: Oats Porridge with Milk &Khajoor and Orange Juice
  • Snacks: Banana
  • Lunch: Kidney Beans Masala, Mix Veg, Curd, Rice
  • Snacks: Mango Milkshake
  • Dinner: Lemon Rice, Beetroot & Carrot Kosambari and Curd


4. Day 4

  • Breakfast: Tomato and Cheese Sandwich and Dates Milkshake
  • Snacks: Pomegranate
  • Lunch: Mutton Biryani, Brinjal Curry, and Cucumber Raita
  • Snacks: Sprouts and Almond Milk
  • Dinner: Soya Chunk Curry, Cucumber and Onion Salad, Chapatti

You can tweak up your diet plan according to your preferences. Have fun!

Indian Starter Options For A Party

Hosting a party is not as easy as it sounds. You need to take care of various things like food, decor, and seating. In India, food is very important. People like to serve and eat tasty food, that’s either called from outside or cooked at home.

If you are the latter, then here are a few starter options that you make when you host a party –


1. DahiKe kebab

Kebabs made from hung curd, this starter option should top your menu list. Creamy inside and crunchy outside, the kebab will be loved by all. You can serve it with some mint chutney and chilies.


2. Chinese Idli

A twist playful twist to the classic idli, this option is a must-try. Steam some idlis and then cut them in quarter portions. Once that’s done, cook the idli in soy sauce, capsicum, onions, and some spices. Serve hot.


3. Dry Manchurian

Another Chinese option, dry Manchurian is a crowd-favorite. You can make some Manchurian balls at home and saute them in the Soy curry. This delicious started will be a hit.


4. Chicken Seekh Kebab

Easily available in the market, you can make Chicken Seekh at home too. You need some minced meat, spices, and a barbeque stick. You can barbeque it or bake it in the oven. Serve it with some lemon, lachcha onions, and chaat masala.

Try these out!

What To Eat During Your First Trimester

“Pregnancy is a beautiful journey” we’ve all heard about that from our mothers and grandmothers. Though everyone’s journey is different, everyone craves for different foods, and the bodies react differently.

The first trimester is said to be a little difficult than the other ones. You feel nauseous, dizzy, disturbed, and whatnot. Sometimes you feel like eating a lot, and sometimes you feel you aren’t hungry. The moods during this time are extreme.

Nutrition is important during your pregnancy like many say, “you are feeding two humans”. Maintaining a proper diet during the first trimester can be difficult, but if you surpass this phase, you can maintain your diet for the other two.

Here is what you can eat during your first trimester –


1. Bananas

Good for queasy stomachs, bananas are a source of potassium. Many people eat bananas when they have an upset stomach. It’s beneficial even during your first trimester as you feel nauseous.


2. Lean Meat

If you are a non-vegetarian, you can eat lean meat. Make sure it is cooked thoroughly. Lean meant offers amino acid that acts as building blocks for cells. They are also full of iron and protein.


3. Ginger

Ginger helps fight nausea. You can drink some ginger tea or chew ginger when you feel nauseous. It may taste a little strong but it’s good for your health.


4. Yogurt

Yogurt contains calcium and proteins in each cup that you eat. It supports your bone structure and gives you a sense of cooling in your body.

You might not be able to eat the mentioned products during your pregnancy, so make your diet, but don’t forget to add the right amount of nutrition.