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How To Avoid Stress During Pregnancy

Though pregnancy is the time when women feel great about themselves and get pampered, there are times when life around you can become stressful. Being stressed is not good for you or your baby. Extreme stress can increase the risk of premature birth and low birth weight.

Here are a few things that will help you avoid stress during pregnancy –


1. Exercise

Try doing some yoga, meditation, swimming, and breathing exercise. Doing one of these exercises will help you lift your spirits. Also, when you are exercising the brain releases feel-good chemicals.


2. Baby is Important

Your baby is important, so don’t feel guilty to take some more time for yourself. Massage your baby bump, chat, sing, and read to your baby. While bonding with your baby your stress would go away.


3. Eat Properly

Eating properly is good for your body, brain, and also your baby. Make sure your blood sugar doesn’t drop, this might make you feel tired and irritable. If you have pregnancy sickness eat in small intervals but do eat.

Enjoy your pregnancy and say goodbye to worries.

Personalised Gifts To Give A New Mom and Her Baby

We usually gift someone when we meet them for the first time or on a special occasion, and this happens even when we meet a new mom or a new-born. Finding a gift for a baby and their mother is easy but also tedious. You can’t give it some personalisation, something the child or mother would feel special while using.

But, did you know many companies make customized gifts for newborns and moms? Here are some places from where you can buy a special gift –


1. Poppy Peach Baby

Gifting personalised baby quilts is the best option. Poppy Peach Baby makes personalised baby products with their names on it. You can get a special baby quilt personalised for your friend’s or relative’s child.


2. The Moms Co.

The Moms Co. is known to have some of the best baby and mom products. You can gift a hamper to a new mom, so that along with her child she can pamper herself as well. You can personalise this hamper by choosing different products for the mom.


3. Bluebells and Bumblebees

Don’t know what you can give to your sister’s baby? Check out some customised rompers by Bluebells and Bumblebees. These rompers with the baby’s name will add a special touch to them.



A start-up, is known to have customised products for various occasions, one of them being for new moms and their kids. You can get a personalised caricature of the mom and her new born, or you can gift a personalised bedtime story for the baby.

What To Eat During Janmashtami Fast

Celebrated to mark the annual birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu, Janmashtami is a popular festival amongst Hindus, The day is celebrated by keeping a vrat and decorating the mandir. People set up a mandir with jhula (swing) to welcome baby Krishna. At midnight after people swing Krishna, the people break their fast.

But observing the vrat throughout the day can be difficult. You don’t know what all you can eat and what you can’t.

Here’s a list of food items that you can eat during your vrat –


1. Shrikhand

A typical Maharashtrian dessert, Shrikhand is made from hung curd, powdered sugar, saffron, elaichi, and some milk. It is also popular in Gujarat, where it’s eaten with puris. You can eat delicious Shrikhand during Janmashtami vrat and enjoy it.


2. Farali Pattice

A famous Gujarati dish, Farali Pattice is consumed during vrat days. This interesting snack can be gulped with some mint chutney or sweetened curd.


3. Sabudana Khichdi

Another vrat food, Sabudana Khichdi is made with peanuts, and potatoes. This is the perfect vrat food that is made during breakfasts. The chewy flavour and starchy taste of the sabudana, is complemented by the crunchy flavour of peanuts. Add some lemon juice and enjoy the tempting flavour of Sabudana.


4. Layered Handva

A nice dish to eat during your vrat, layered Handva is a baked dish made from paneer, green chutney, purple yam, and boiled potato. It is made in layers, giving it a multi-coloured look.

Happy Janmashtami!

How to Lose Weight After Delivering a Baby

Your body needs time to recover after delivering a baby. There are many women who completely quit eating in order to lose weight. Don’t do that!  Instead, eat healthy like you did when you were pregnant. And when you feel like your body is ready then start with a few gentle exercises and then move on the heavy-duty exercises when you are ready. It is very important that you listen to your body.

So here are some tips for you –


1. Keep a count of the calories

Don’t get stuck on the number of calories you are burning each day. Don’t push yourself if you haven’t burned enough calories in one day. Just eat healthily and be consistent with exercising and you will lose weight.



 2. Exercises

Taking out time for a new mother is difficult. You must focus on fixing yourself a routine and making sure you stick to exercising. Although you must note that you should visit your doctor before you start exercising and know the exercises which are safe for you. You must understand why it is important for you to exercise after you deliver.


3. Lose Weight Safely

How do you do this? Simple, Make a chart and follow it strictly. Try not to skip any step and you will end up with your goal weight in no time. If you stick to the chart, it will make it easier for you to lose weight easily and in an organized fashion. Make sure you don’t skip breakfast, include enough fruits and veggies in your diet, and avoid sugar and fatty foods. Make sure you also exercise even if it is for 20 minutes.



4. The Most Important Question

Will You Ever Get Back To Normal? This is a question that every new mother asks herself. Even though we can’t promise that your body will look the same but you will definitely lose weight. Don’t panic. Again, listen to your body and act accordingly.