Sunder Nursery: Hidden Gem of Delhi

With the sun glistening through the thick trees. A paved walking path among the old rustic marvels from the Mughal dynasty. The thickets of flowers that welcome you at every corner. And as you walk by, you wonder why you never came here before. Sunder Nursery is indeed, a small heaven tucked in Delhi.

Besides Sunder Nursery was previously called Asim Bagh. A mixture of rustic ruins and garden, it spans over 90 acres. The beauty of this place is the vast expanse of nature. You can sit by the lake, chill in the green garden or just walk around the paved way. 

The Azeem-e-Bagh (Sunder Nursery) is in Nizamuddin that is close to Humayun’s Tomb. It has six structures inside the Sunder Nursery Heritage Park. The Lakkarwala Burj is now in the rose garden. This beautiful heritage park has around 280 species of trees. As a matter of fact Sunder Nursery has some of the rare trees. The Sunder Nursery Park is home to a Pink Cedar Tree and this is the only one in Delhi!

Sunder Nursery

Your experience in the Sunder Nursery, near Humayun Tomb is incomplete without the swings. There are beautiful swings hung from the branch of the various trees in the Sunder Nursery Heritage Park. 

This heritage park has become a famous picnic spot among Delhiites. During this pandemic, it is a great spot to get together and meet family or friends.

Together with your family, bring in your favourite foods from home..  Or simply buy from FabCafe that offers Meal Trays. You can sit by the lake and let your furry friends enjoy the open spaces!

Sunder Nursery Heritage Park has a rose garden inside. This garden is host to a variety of roses like Tata Pink, Iceberg and Black Pearl. Enjoy a relaxing early morning or evening among this beauty. And I assure you, you can click beautiful pictures in every corner of this heritage park! 

Sunder Nursery

Chirping away on the trees, you can find almost 80 species of birds in Sunder Nursery. Some of the birds include Indian Silverbill, Common Tailorbird, Asian Pied Starling among others. You will never feel more close to nature in the hustle bustle of this capital city. 

In fact, this nursery was established during British rule to grow experimental plants. In the year 2007, the restoration work for this nursery began. Moreover, the beautiful Persian gardens were recreated at this arboretum.

In addition to the greenery, fountains and water channels grace this nursery. 

What attracts me to this park is the ambience. You feel relaxed in today’s world.. And additionally, you are also a part of something historical. It’s magical, to be in a world where there is a beautiful symphony of the past and the present. 

Sunder Nursery

It makes you appreciate the little things in life.. A valuable lesson we have all learnt during the lockdown. There isn’t a lot that we need to keep us happy. It is the company of our loved ones.. And even our own company… 

In fact, while you sit and gaze around, you can see butterflies fluttering around. In fact, in a place as cramped up as Delhi, it is important to find solace. Sunder Nursery Heritage Park provides you just that.

You must take some time off for yourself and visit this hidden gem in Delhi. A scenic respite we have all been waiting for! In fact, the best part of this place is, that it is well maintained and manicured. The Sunder Nursery picnics have become a great excuse in Delhi to find some much-needed respite. And I sure found mine! Moreover, you should share what you love about the place!

What are you waiting for? Chek out this place

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