Sindhi Rasoi: Delicacies You Must Try

Originally from the banks of the Sindh River, Sindhis are a part of one of the oldest civilisations, Mohenjo Daro. We’ve all heard the popular Sindhi song ‘Duma Dum Mast Qalandar.’ But, did you know that this song is about a Sufi Saint Jhulelal. He is one of the incarnations of Hindu God Lord Varun.

Many of you would have Sindhi friends, who must have served some delicious Sindhi curry. There are many more delicious dishes just like Sindhi curry.

Here are some dishes that you must try.

1. Sai Bhaji with Kachalu and Patata Tuk


This dish is full of nutrition, it’s like mixed veg but in the form of a dal. Many vegetables like potato, spinach, onions, tomato, gheeya, tori, and chana dal. Have it with roti, paratha, or rice. You can also make some patata and kachalu tuk (cut into slices and pan-fry it.)

2. Dal Pakwan


One of the famous Sindhi dishes, Dal Pakwan is made from chana dal. The pakwan is made from maida that is deep-fried in oil. It’s not like a bhatura but like a mathi.

3. Seyun Patata


Another breakfast option, seyun means sevvaiyan and patata means potato. The seyun is typically sweet, whereas the patata is spicy. This doesn’t require a lot of ingredients.

4. Koki Papad

The beloved breakfast of Sindhis, Koki is like a paratha but a little thicker. It has two variations 1. spicy and 2. sweet. The spicy one has onion, green chillies, eaten alongside curd, while the sweet one is plain and is crushed (like churchur naan) with butter and sugar.

5. Sindhi Curry, Rice and Boondi Ladoo

The famous Sindhi Curry has besan, potato, lotus stem, beans, and drumsticks. This curry also has high nutritional values making it a healthy option for you. Sindhi Curry is thin in texture and dark in colour. Eat it with rice and sometimes Boondi Ladoo.

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