Before Bedtime Ritual for a Happy You

The minute the sun sets.. So do some of us! And if you don’t.. You must! For a healthy and happy you.. It is important to have some kind of schedule.. In fact, having a bedtime schedule and ritual is as important as having one for the morning! Follow this religiously.. And you will notice a considerable difference in you.. Your mood will be better.. Your body will feel energised.. In fact, your mood will be uplifted! 

Here are some of the tips that I can suggest! However, it is important to see what suits you.. The most important thing is to see what you are putting inside you.. And how or what needs to be done! Keep a balanced ritual and see how it does wonders to you… Here are some tips for a before bedtime ritual for a happy you!

Eat an Early Dinner

Try and change your schedule if you don’t do this already.. Our older generations have subscribed to the idea of eating after ‘suryast’ or sunset.. It is the most ideal time to eat your dinner.. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.. Eating early leaves ample time before your bedtime.. This helps the body to feel at rest. As a matter of fact, it is a good idea to leave a longer gap between your dinner and breakfast. This way you will be able to eat properly.. And you will be able to eat a better meal! 

Read a book

Settle down after your daily chores with a book.. You could even read a newspaper.. In fact, if you note.. Your grandparents and parents already have this habit. This way you don’t strain your eyes too much.. And you are also doing something to pass time.. Avoid looking at your screen.. If you must, talk to a friend or a family member.. Make sure you are not reading anything serious.. Do some light reading that will keep your mood uplifted!

Brisk Walk

After thirty minutes of eating, take a brisk walk.. You could go outside.. Or you can simply walk inside the house. Walk around for at least fifteen minutes.. Your food will settle.. And you will feel lighter before you go to sleep. This reduces the likelihood of digestive related problems!

Drink Green Tea

Green tea has many antioxidant benefits. It helps in digesting your meal properly.. In fact, the warm water helps you settle better for the day! You will feel refreshed and lighter.. There are many flavours and variants available in the market.. You could opt for some Moroccon Mint or Lavender.. Or go for the good old Tulsi Green Tea.. They have a calming effect on your body.. In fact, you will also notice your mood becomes better!

Smile and Laugh

I kid you not, if you laugh before you go to sleep.. You will sleep much better! In fact, you will see a drastic change in your mood pattern.. You will feel rejuvenated, energised.. And you will generally feel a lot happier throughout the day.. We undersell laughter.. The saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is said for some reason! For a better and healthy you.. Inculcate this saying in your life! In fact, your skin will also feel happier!

For anything related to you.. It is most important to keep yourself happy.. The happier you are.. The happier you make everyone else! And the happier the people around you.. It will automatically be difficult for stress to touch you.. And in fact, the lesser you take stress.. The more you will glow! And a glowing you.. A happier you.. Is definitely a more beautiful YOU!

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