Holi 2021 Ban: States & UTs That Have Banned Holi This Year

India’s favourite festival Holi is nearing! The festival that celebrates colours, happiness. Holi celebrates the eternal love between Radha and Krishna. There is a general exuberance in the air.

People are bursting water balloons. They throw colour over everyone! We don’t stop to see who is the person, we douse them bright Holi colours. However, the year 2021 brings with it certain restrictions and limitations. As the pandemic continues to spread blatantly. There is a rising need for us to curb our enthusiasm.

This year, instead of celebrating by going to large gatherings or rain parties. Or even Holi parties in clubs or colonies. The safest way to celebrate the festival is to stay at your house.

I know, it is disappointing. Not to be able to celebrate with a blast! But well, it is better to be safe than sorry. We all may be getting vaccinated but the pandemic has not ended. In fact, we are still not a hundred per cent immune to the virus even with the vaccine. 

To curb such public gatherings and celebrations. All States and Union Territories are advised to put restrictions. Under Section 22 of the Disaster Management Act. In fact, on Wednesday, India has recorded a nationwide tally of 11,734,058 Covid cases in total. Keeping this in mind, many governments have begun imposing restrictions. Some of these include. 

1. Maharashtra

Celebration of Holi prohibited in private and public places on March 28th and 29th.

2. Delhi

Public Gatherings during the celebration of festivals like Holi, Shab-e-Barat, Navratri etc are prohibited in public places/ grounds/ parks/ religious places in Delhi

3. Haryana

Ban on public celebrations of Holi.

4. Gujarat

There is permission for Holika Dahan on the eve of Holi. One can do it within society complexes. There is a limit to the number of people. No permission is granted for collecting together. You can’t throw colours in a group on the day of Holi.


5. Odisha

A ban on public celebrations of Holi. People can however play with their family in their homes. There are also restrictions on the Dola festival.

6. Uttar Pradesh

Holi festivities like rain dance parties and other open dance programmes have been banned in the capital. The permissions given to such programmes earlier have been withdrawn.

7. Madhya Pradesh

Lockdowns have been imposed in the worst-hit cities of the state- Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur. People are also advised to stay in their homes. 

8. Chandigarh

The residents must celebrate the Holi festival at home while following appropriate Covid-19 protocol.

Stay safe, stay sane. It may be disappointing. But it is simply better not to celebrate Holi this year. Spend some quality time with your family. Make some Holi munchies at home and keep it simple! Focus on keeping yourself healthy. Follow social distancing norms and keep your mask on! Don’t go out in public spaces unless necessary! 

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