Hauz Rani Market: Buy The Best Crockery In Delhi

Delhi is an amalgamation of all things cultural. The capital is a hub of history, architecture. And most of all markets! The markets in Delhi are unparalleled. In fact, did you know Delhi has 32 markets? Each of these markets offers a plethora of variety and options. Every market is dedicated to different kinds of items. Like clothing, home decor, furniture among others! One such market is the Hauz Rani Market.


You must explore this market, which is situated in Saket. Right on the way to the Select Citywalk Mall from the Malviya Nagar Metro Station.  You can buy cheap, affordable and gorgeous home decor. From pots, flowers and hangings, you will get everything you want. It is a paradise for people who love to decorate their home! Colorful, vibrant and most of these items come in wonderful eclectic designs. And the best of it all? You can buy these pots within the range of 100 to 250 rupees. 

The most attractive part about this place is that items that you find here are also available online. But they are cheaper at Hauz Rani Market!  It has roughly 20-30 odd shops. But they deliver the best kind of ceramics, pots and crockeries.

 As a matter of fact, the market lights up during the festive and wedding season. With beautiful designs and options. It is a good place to buy gifting items! Or just to spruce up your own home!

An interesting fact about Hauz Rani Market is that it is a 70 year old market. It began as a market for craftsmen who migrated out of Rajasthan, Haryana and other neighbouring states to Delhi. In fact, it became their spot for selling their items. And most of the people sitting here have old shops. As a matter of fact, this market opens at 6 am and closes by midnight.


Moreover, make sure you don’t let the facade of the place fool you. It may be a pavement market. But it has everything one could think of. In fact, you will also get beautiful fountains for your home! You would be surprised to see even the variety of the crowd that shops here. It may be a small marketplace, but it is Delhi’s favourite hub to shop!

If you have a wedding approaching. Or Diwali! Or you simply want to give someone a gift for their housewarming. Hauz Rani has the solution! You can pick any beautiful item. All of it comes straight from the craftsmen. Making it original, beautiful and different! You can also buy terracotta idols of the many Hindu deities. As a matter of fact, there are beautiful Buddha statues and fountains that you can add to your home!


Indeed, these little and big trinkets will manage to find a place in your heart.. And you would be forced to find some space in your house as well!

Hauz Rani Market is a joyous place. This linear market has a jam-packed approach. And one of its banes is that it does not have any designated parking space. It lies on the side of the main road. It is a good idea to find a parking spot earlier. Or simply walk from the Malviya Nagar Metro Station! You will find hundreds of autos waiting to take you back to the station after you complete your shopping spree. 

If you are travelling to Delhi. Or are thinking of changing some of the decorative items in your house. You should definitely go to Hauz Rani Market. In fact, you must find time to talk to these craftspeople. They all have interesting stories to share! And of course, they will give you wonderful deals for appreciating their craft!

Additionally, if you like to spend some quality time in the market. Make sure you shop early. Before the wedding or festive season! Besides, leisure time will help you connect with these craftspeople and find interesting items!

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