Ek Pyaari Si Ladki: Women’s Day Special

Women’s Day Special: Woh Durga hai, Woh Lakshmi hai, Woh Saraswati hai. Desh ki har ek beti devi hai… Magar woh phir bhi ek pinjare mein kaid hai. Woh pinjara, jo insaano ne banaya.. Woh pinjara, jisme woh har ek saas, bas thodi si izzat ke liye lad rahi hai!

Haut Monde TV presents ‘Ek Pyaari Si Ladki’. An ode to what womanhood is. An ode to what a woman struggles with. This story is written by Amisha Sethi. The author of the National Bestseller, ‘It Doesn’t Hurt to be Nice’

Ek Pyaari Si Ladki’ captures the harsh reality that patriarchy still is. Where a woman may be educated, maybe free in spirit but she is never truly free from the shambles of a life. There are so many invisible shambles around her that pull her apart, piece by piece, day by day. 

We celebrate the people who support and encourage women to have their own identity. But while you watch this, take a minute to ponder. The harsh reality of life. Why are women supposed to take permission to be their own self? Why are working women demonised? We need to stop to think, why are the women who are taking their life’s decisions looked down on? 

While men are free to do what they want, women are supposed to be submissive. 

Women's Day Special

We claim that women are our mothers, our goddesses. They are our Lakshmis, Durgas and Sarwastis. But at the same time women are struggling to be seen as humans. By putting us on a pedestal, patriarchy has attached so many virtues to women… It is a sin to fault. It is a sin to error. In fact, it is a sin to stray.

‘Ek Pyaari Si Ladki’ and all pyaari ladkis, still don’t have the freedom to be themself. Saraswati is worshipped to gain wisdom, but we don’t let our girls study. We worship  Lakshmi for being the goddess of wealth and prosperity. But at the same time we don’t like women having financial freedom. Instead, we harass women for ‘not getting enough dowry’.. And the irony of at all… We worship Durga for her power and strong personality. But we can’t digest a strong female leader in reality. 

This women’s day, let’s forget to devote one day to women. Instead, let’s celebrate and respect women every day. Women still struggle for the most basic rights to live. The right to be equal!  And some even the right to live! We still live in a country where the gender ratio is abominable. There aren’t enough girls to boys.. But there is no girl left who hasn’t been harassed at least once in their life. 

This women’s day special shouldn’t be so special. But, it should be a reflection of our darkness. It should be a reflection of the infliction on women. The women that we pretend to respect on one day.. And the other days where we forget they are even humans. 

Women's Day Special

This International Women’s Day.. Let’s take a pledge to respect women around us. In fact, we should pledge that we will see women as humans. As humans with their own needs, desires and dreams. Let’s pledge to view women as equals.. As a matter of fact, let’s pledge that we won’t put women under any scrutiny. We will respect women who are conventional.. We will respect women who are traditional. And most importantly, we will let women choose for themselves. 

Whether it’s your mothers, your sisters, your helpers, your wives, your daughters and your friends. And also take a pledge, to respect the women who are nameless to you. The ones who walk on the street, fearing who their next perpetrator is. Pledge to make every woman feel safe!

Watch #EkPyariSiLadki​ directed and produced by Haut Monde TV and share your views!


Aditi Dubey

Bhawna Sharma

Baby Inaaya Singh

Rakhi Mehrotra

Saanchi Aggrawal

Sahiba Dhawan

Sukriti Rijhsinghani

Tarini Mukherji

Design Crew

Sukriti Rijhsinghani

Pallavi Jain

Lovankit Singhal


Monica Ahuja


Anupam Mallick


Anup Singh

Voice Over

Neha Deshpande

Written By

Amisha Sethi

Conceptualised By

Shubhra Bhramar

Produced & Directed By

Haut Monde TV

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  1. I appreciate Haut Monde TV’s contribution to society on the occasion of international women’s day. It is commendable. Congratulations to each one of you both crew on screen and behind the concept.Looking forward to more in future.

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