Durgamati — A Movie Review


Durgamati is the latest Hindi film. It is a remake of the Tamil and Telugu bilingual film Bhaagamathie. What this film fails to capture is the mystery in the plot. Even though it is a film that you can enjoy to watch comfortably with your family, it fails to keep up with the expectations. The plot is very easy to understand and as the movie proceeds, it is very easy to understand what is going to happen next.

What the film fails in terms of suspense, it makes up with the performance of the actors. Bhumi Pednekar plays a dual role of IAS Officer Chanchal Chauhan and Durgamati. She has driven the film with her enthusiasm. She captured the heart of the audience, the one thing that the film couldn’t. Arshad Warsi plays a neta in the film, who is under scrutiny for the disappearance of multiple idols from ancient temples. And the connection between the two is the mystery.

The art direction is wonderful, you will see yourself praising the sets and the location. The feel of a haunted house is brought forth and the set is what will tingle your spine. However, the music just adds to the horror. And it is not the let’s-scare-the-audience horror.. Rather it is the let’s-make-this-movie a horror. 

Throughout the film you question the premise itself, especially as to why an interrogation is taking place in a seemingly haunted haveli. The setting seems very convenient, for both the interrogation and for the ghost to take over. You can easily track what happens next, the mystery is as easy as it is for Feluda in his novels. 

A movie that could have done wonders ended up being a dull predictable rendition of the original film. Moreover, you may think it is seemingly long. However, given the circumstances, you can watch this film. Nonetheless, eat your popcorn and enjoy the movie solving its puzzle with your family. 

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