Coolie No.1: A Remake We Didn’t Ask For.


Coolie No.1 – David Dhawan has been entertaining us with his slapstick comedies for a long time. He creates goofy characters and directs actors like Govinda and Salman Khan who are able to pull-off the disgruntled men. 

However, what he may have remotely achieved in the onset of the 90s, he has been trying to recreate it with his son. The latest Dhawan venture has been the re-creation of his Govinda hit Coolie No.1, starring Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan.

When we say it is a remake, it is awfully similar to the original. And well, it is awful. 

Varun Dhawan is unable to match the energy and comic timing of Govinda. The script is the same. And when I say the same, it means they have forgotten about the evolution of the country and its people. The slapstick script that people enjoyed in the 90s does not work in the current script. 

The characters are loosely constructed, that doesn’t give justice to the good work the two actors have done. Varun Dhawan has given great performances in films, but this seems to be one of his worst. 

From the disaster this movie was, the saving grace comes in the face of the supporting cast. Paresh Rawal and Shika Talsania salvage the movie with their comic timings and charm. 

Nonetheless, it is not a completely humorless film. You will find yourself loosely laughing at some jibes and jokes, but overall the movie is rated pretty low.

Yes, David Dhawan has put us all into splits in the past, but the last couple of years his remakes have been disastrous. 

In conclusion, Coolie No.1 describes one’s worst nightmare and draws a strong line. A line that must not be crossed. And yes, let the old movies be. There are billions of talented writers with amazing stories. Let’s focus on making those!

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