Makeup Hacks to Make your Eyes Look Bigger

One thing which makes all the difference is making your eyes look brighter and more awake. But how do you do that if you are constantly working in front of the screen? How do you avoid dark circles? Didn’t sleep properly before an important presentation? Just reach for your makeup bag to fix the problem!

Here are some makeup hacks to help you make your eyes look bigger and brighter –

#1 Conceal! Dark circles make your eyes look smaller. So make sure you cancel out the purple and blue undertones. Make sure you buff the concealer under the eye and around too in order to get uniform coverage.

#2 Curl! Curling the lashes seems like an extra step but you will never regret this! But it will help you appear more awake as it fans out your lashes. Follow this step with lots and lots of mascara.

#3 Add Some Colour! This is a tip that a lot of makeup artists swear by! Use a neutral color in the crease. This will help give the illusion of a wider lid.

#4 Tight-Line! Draw a thin line along the base of your upper lashes. This helps frame the eyes and add a well-defined shape.

#5 Highlight! Make sure you finish off your look with a pearly eye shadow on the brow bone and also dab some in the inner corners. This will help your eyes pop.

4 Home Décor Companies That You Can Buy From

Planning to change your home decor? Or want to gift it to a loved one during their house warming party? Either way, scroll down to check out some of the best home decor companies that you can buy from.

1. Good Earth

Looking for something that reflects calmness and serenity? Good Earth is the right brand for you. This loved luxury brand is always under the radar of people who loves decorating their homes.

2. Chumbak

Quirk, style, and different is what Chumbak stands for. The colourful home decor items will add a stunning touch to your living room, dining area, kitchen, or even your bedroom.

3. Urban Ladder

Another top home decor brand, Urban Ladder, has recently become popular thanks to its e-commerce website. If you are planning to set up a formal ad sophisticated look, go for Urban Ladder furniture because they last long.

4. Happily Unmarried

Started with no business plan, this brand is popular because of its quirky quotes and designs. It’s popular amongst bachelors who like to experiment with their home decor.

Try out one of these home decor brands to redecorate your home.

A List Of Lifestyle Brands Across Delhi/NCR That Are Making The Most Of Vocal For Local

Ever since the term #vocalforlocal has marked its presence in India, local brands seem to be making the most of it. While many consider this to be the need of the hour, there are many Indie brands indeed coming up as a perfect substitute for all the global brands we have been accustomed to all this while.

Hence, we take a closer look at some of the lifestyle brands from Delhi/NCR that are leaving no stone unturned in making their presence be felt –


Being a brainchild of Harkrishan Singh Alag and Tarandeep Singh, their range of products creates a perfect street style statement.


Your search for Indian Chic clothing ends at The Loom. Striking a perfect balance between subtle and quirky, they are more than just a clothing brand.


Coral Haze is bound to give you all Punjabi vibes with its pop features. They boast of a perfect collection of juttis which is perfect for any occasion.


Give the space around you a complete new look over with handmade artifacts from Kraftdeck. Made with the utmost care and passion, they help convert your house into a home.


You name it and they have it! Right from Rakhis and Facemasks to Hair Accessories and Sunglasses, their idea is to curate fashion with style and comfort.

Keep a check on these emerging brands that are bringing a change in their own ways.

What Increased Screen Time is Doing to your Skin

As we work from home, we are all spending a lot more time on the computer, phone and the T.V. Have you wondered what the increased screen time is doing to your skin? Fine lines, pigmentation, and dull skin? However, all the exposure to the HEV light can actually cause a lot more damage to the skin on your face and neck.

Here are some of the things which might be happening to your skin due to the increased screen time –

1. Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles –

One of the most common issues faced by many is computer vision syndrome. Symptoms of this are dry and itchy eyes, headaches, and blurry vision. The light from your computer and phones are enough to cause stress-related disorders, reduce sleep, and headaches. This results in dark circles, puffy eyes, wrinkles, etc.

2. Dull Skin and Fine Lines –

The HEV light has a much deeper impact on your skin. Constant exposure to this light causes premature skin aging. This also makes the skin dehydrated and dull. In many cases, it has worsened conditions such as the uneven texture of the skin.

3. Tech Neck –

The skin between your chin and chest is delicate and prone to aging faster than your face. This is such an area that is prone to wrinkles and sagging. The only solution to this is to moisturize and massage. Apply a hydrating moisturizer in an upward manner.

Fashion Mistakes to Avoid During the Monsoon Season

The monsoon has arrived we love the weather! Don’t you just love the sound of the rains splashing against the window while you sip on a warm cup of hot chocolate? However, what we don’t love is the muck the rains bring with them, right? Rains also bring with them some fashion paradoxes! Are you confused?

Read on to know about the fashion mistakes you must avoid during the rainy season-

1. Pay Attention to the Fabric & Colour –

You must be careful not to wear fabrics that tend to stick to and hug your body when wet. While we all love wearing white during the hot and humid weather, we must also avoid wearing white during the monsoon as they become see-through if you get wet in the rain. Opt for darker colours and softer fabrics such as cotton over pieces of denim and synthetics.

2. Say NO to Leather –

Leather goes bad in the monsoon season. It may attract fungus and lose the luster when it comes in contact when the moisture. So as much as we love our bags and shoes made of leather, opt for more suitable materials such as PVC.

3. Look for the Right Footwear –

Wearing flip flops feels light and nice. But a pair of flips flops leaves your feet exposed to the rainwater which is a bad idea, so opt for rain boots. Also, avoid wearing heels as they can be uncomfortable and might make you slip and you will end up hurting yourself.

4. No Junk Jewelry –

Although we love to accessorize our look with chunky necklaces and long dazzling earrings, junk jewelry when comes in contact with moisture will rust which can in turn cause allergies and skin problems.

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