Baby Travel Essentials You Must Carry!

Baby Travel Essentials – Travelling with a baby requires a lot of organising, planning and packing. It is important to carry everything for the baby’s comfort– and yours! It is a good idea to be organised and even over packed with a baby. Be ready for all kinds of situations that could possibly arise. Here are some baby travel essentials that we recommend. You must purchase before your next trip!

1. Adjustable Baby Carrier

Always carrying your baby in your arms can be difficult and tedious. Instead, you can strap on this carrier around your shoulder and keep your arms free! This is helpful in the cases of sight-seeing, clicking pictures or simply wanting a free hand to hold your partner’s! It is suitable for both parents and you must take turns. 

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2. Nappy Changing Bags

While changing your baby’s nappy, you will need a lot of things. It is a good idea to have a separate bag for all the products you require. It makes changing time efficient and organised. Make sure you stock up your bag with a lot of rash creams and baby wipes. This is a much needed baby travel essential.

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3. Sebamed Travel Lotion-Shampoo-Cream

The lotion-shampoo-cream duo is very important for taking care of a baby. Keep this travel sized set with you in the changing bag always. It will be easy for you to keep the baby hydrated and moisturised at all times. And a moisturised baby is a happy baby! Count this is as your number one baby travel essential!

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4. Baby Cutlery for Travel

To ensure that feeding your child is hygienic and safe, carry these travel friendly cutlery. This is very handy and helps in all kinds of situations. In fact, you will not have to worry about the utensils being clean in the outdoors, since you can carry them in your bag!

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5. Portable Folding Changing Table

You may not always get a clean or hygienic place to change your baby’s diaper. Instead, you can carry a portable folding changing table. It will ensure a stress free environment for you and the baby! 

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6. Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers

Carry a lot of clean diapers along with you, on any trip. It helps you in keeping the baby in check! In fact, make sure you are regularly changing the baby’s diaper. Even if they aren’t dirty, diapers can cause rashes through friction. It is also a good idea to carry lots of baby powder and rash-free cream!

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7. A 5 in 1 Baby Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer

Feeding a baby can be a challenge. Whether you are travelling or not, this bottle warmer is a good addition to your baby paraphernalia. This keeps the baby bottles and other products sterile. It has a large capacity but is also super travel friendly. 

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Of course, there isn’t an all inclusive list that will suffice. Each baby requires different things for their comfort. It is a try and test method. However, these things will obviously make your travel plans easier. Most importantly, be sure that you carry your baby’s favourite toy; or anything that makes them comfortable during nap time. For any kind of a trip make sure that your baby is sleeping most of the time. That allows the travel to go easily. Take quick and many stops to prevent motion sickness. And most importantly, remember to take some time off for yourself as well!

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