A Magical Story — the Christmas Chronicles 2

The Christmas Chronicles 2 is the second part of the series, released in 2020. It is Helmed by Chris Columbus. The movie follows the life of the teenager Kate Pierce who reunited with Santa Claus. It follows her life after the first part of the series. 

Disgruntled with the happenings of her family and having to spend Christmas in Cancun, Kate wishes for being away. Belsnickel throws her into the North Pole, from where her and her soon-to-be-step brother’s adventures with the Clauses. Their meeting with Santa and Mrs. Claus is a sweet reminder of the festive mood. 

The movie encapsulates the true spirit of Christmas– which also comes up in a song at the airport. It combines the happiness and joy of gifting with the joys of being with family.  After being poisoned with the Elf Bane, the helpful elves end up being maniacal. Belsnickel breaks the star that lights the entire village. This sparks off another journey. 

A sweet movie that talks about second chances and the bonding with family. The underlying lesson we learn is, “it doesn’t matter how you spend your Christmas, but it matters who you spend it with.” 

Darby Camp steals the show with her great performance as Kate Pierce or Katie Cat (as Santa Claus called her). But the bond between Mrs. Claus — played by Goldie Hawn of the Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in fame — and the little frightened Jack (Jahzir Bruno) is what stole our hearts! 

With a little bit of magic, lots of fun and adventure, the film tries to grab the attention of its audience. Though not as joyous as the first one, the Christmas Chronicles 2 is a movie that you will enjoy with your children. Like any Christmas movie, it warms your heart and may even bring in some tears in your eyes. 

Lastly, the movie is a good attempt at the continuation of the series. You can find the Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix.

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