8 Looks Birthday Girl Alia Bhatt Rocked!

Alia Bhatt has wowed us with her brilliant performances in numerous movies. But that is not it! She has managed to take our breath away with her style statement. Alia Bhatt has done it all! Be it her summery dress looks, red sarees or gorgeous lehengas. She has rocked them all!

In fact, as she celebrates her birthday today.. We are recounting some of her most phenomenal looks that has upped her fashion and instagram game! 

Here are some of Alia Bhatt’s Indian looks that were simply gorgeous! It is indeed a fact that we had a hard time choosing from her large lookbook. Here is what we decided on.. Not that this list is all inclusive. 

Red Lehenga

A beautiful red lehenga she wore for the advertisement of Mohey by Manyavaar.. She definitely rocks this bridal look! 

Alia Bhatt

Pink and Green Banarasi Saree

Alia Bhatt is known for her beautiful red sarees! And while this is different.. It is traditional and elegant! 

Alia Bhatt

Chique Cocktail Saree

No one does a wedding look better than Alia Bhatt… This cocktail saree is a must have for all ladies. A simple colorful saree that can be worn at a friend’s wedding.. 

Alia Bhatt

Beautiful Anarkali Suit

Alia Bhatt took to the gram to share her Diwali look whilst shooting Sadak 2. This Anarkali is definitely my personal favourite. The simple and elegant Anarkali is as bright as the diyas at diwali! 

Alia Bhatt

Glitz and Glamorous Grey Lehenga 

Twirling in this beautiful lehenga.. Bhatt looks like the modern young girl that she is! An up and coming inspiration for all of us… This lehenga is as beautiful as her smile! 

Alia Bhatt

We definitely cannot have enough of Alia Bhatt.. Here are some of her western and comfort looks that we love. As a matter of fact they are great inspirations for rocking a holidaym look.. Classy, comfortable and definitely chique. 

Her Holiday look!

A warm cup of coffee, a beautiful overcoat and a cute hairband.. What else do you need to complete your holiday look? Well.. Alia Bhatt definitely doesn’t need anything! 

Her summery Purple Dress!

A simple purple dress can do wonders to your look! And Alia Bhatt sums it up well! Style it right and you are ready to rock any occasion this summer!

Her simple workout look

Alia Bhatt is a sensation.. Especially when it comes to advocating the right things! As she celebrated the completion of a 60 day fitness challenge.. Alia shared her workout look! And it goes to show.. Simple, functional and well, neon! She does give us the inspiration to follow her path!

Alia Bhatt is a style statement in herself. In fact, as she grows an year older, she makes everything look rather beautiful! We wish Alia Bhatt a very very Happy Birthday!

We hope that she has a great year… As a matter of fact, we hope we get to see some of her great cinema and acting soon! Lastly of course, we congratulate her for the making of her own production company! We await what she produces with bated breaths! 

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