6 Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

6 Sex Positions To Get Pregnant– Getting pregnant isn’t easy, you need to keep having sex at the right time. There is no proof that specific positions are effective but there are many age-old beliefs around it.

To get pregnant, the only thing that’s important after having sex is the man’s sperm should be closer to the cervix. Hence, if you want to get pregnant make sure you avoid positions that don’t allow exposure of the cervix to the sperms.

Take a look at 6 sex positions that you can try to get pregnant

1. Missionary

One of the most popular and common sex position is said that most babies in the world are conceived through missionary position. In this position, the sperm is deposited closer to the cervix in the upper vagina, which makes it easily accessible to the uterus and the cervical canal.

In this position, the woman lies on her back with her legs open and a pillow underneath her bum. Then, the man lies on top of the woman, supporting himself with his arms stretched out.

2. Doggy Style

This sex position increases the posibility of pregnancy because of deep penetration involved. The position opens the cervix, making it easier for the sperm to fertilize the egg.

She’s on all fours, he kneels directly behind her and holds her hips to control the thrusting. The woman can also hold her partner to control the motion.

3. Magic Mountain

A variant of doggy style, this sex position allows faster and deeper movement of sperms, along with effective orgasm.

The man bends over the woman in a way that the woman’s back is against his chest. The woman can also use cushions for balance and support under her upper body.

4. Legs on Shoulder

Next up, is the variation of missionary positions ‘Legs on Shoulder.’ It is one of the good sex positions of conceiving because of deep penetration. The raised legs also help in stimulating the woman’s G-spot.

The man stands, while the woman lays on her back with a pillow under back. She stretches her legs till his shoulders and keeping them close to each other.

5. Spooning Position

This romantic position is also effective as spooning allows the cervix to be angled at 90 degrees, that provides better accessibility to the sperm.

The woman lies to her side and the man spoons her from behind.

6. Reverse Cowgirl

This sex position is good for couples who want to have a baby. With the woman on top, it’s easier for her to control the depth of penetration.

The man lays on his back with the woman sitting on top, while facing towards his face.

Apart from sex, there are several lifestyle changes you need to bring in to conceive faster.

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol.
  • Avoid consumption of too much tea or coffee.
  • Stop smoking
  • Keep your mind and body healthy.
  • Control your BMI scale.

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