5 Pregnancy Books That You Should Read

Motherhood is bliss. No doubt about that, but motherhood can also be difficult. Why? You have to take care of a baby who’s fragile, who can’t speak, and moreover they are entirely dependent on you for everything. Many say that mothers understand what their child wants, but is that true? Haven’t we seen mothers getting confused and even petrified because they don’t know what exactly their child wants.

Though there are no books on what your kids want, you can read how to make your pregnancy and after-birth journey a memorable one. Check out these books that you can read when you are pregnant.

1. The Complete Book Of Natural Pregnancy And Childcare

This amazing book gives you a balanced and comprehensive approach of natural therapies along with conventional options. The book also explains the biology of natural fertility, conception, pregnancy and birth. The book also touches upon the practical issues after birth, advice on childcare, feeding, sleeping, and how to encourage development. From parents to toddlers to temper tantrums, toilet training, bed-wetting, to encouraging socializing; the book has it all. Purchase this book and we are sure you would have no problems.

2. The Mindful Mother

The Mindful Mother by Naomi Chunilal is a guide for all the women going through pregnancy, labor, and early motherhood. The author showcases how to cultivate a daily practice of mindfulness that should be present throughout the journey of you becoming a mother. The book has some simple yet powerful self-development practices based on Buddhist and Yogic principles. These principles will help you have a clear path through their journey.

3. Your Pregnancy Week By Week

What if we say there’s a book about pregnancy week by week? Wouldn’t you want it? Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Professor Lesley Regan is what you need. The book guides you through your own physical and emotional changes that happen week by week. The book also gives you advice, reassurance, and explanations that ensure good possible understanding about the beautiful journey you are on. These books will also make a great gifting option for a new mother.

4. Pregnancy: The Complete Childbirth Book

Pregnancy is one of a kind, a journey where you feel blissed and also unhappy. This book tells you that every Indian woman is afraid to ask certain questions. Whether it is weight gain, proper diet, exercises, breathing patterns or the position one should adopt while in labor, this book will give you a complete guide on what all is necessary and in your mind.

5. The Pregnancy Handbook For Indian Moms

When an Indian woman gets pregnant many people give their advices on what’s best for the mother and the child. During this time, the young woman listens to the people but also seeks proper medical advice. This book will help women understand the changes she is undergoing and the precautions as well as tests that she needs to take. The book also throughs some highlight on what exercises to perform, what to eat, and what to expect during labour and childbirth.

Interested? Purchase these books and make pregnancy slightly comfortable and easy.

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