5 Must Do Winter Activities in Your Bucket List

Winter Activities- Winters are magical. You love drinking a warm mug of hot coffee, watching snow fall drizzle, and listening to your favorite Christmas carols. The year 2020 has turned out to be an extended holiday for many of us. But if you are looking to do something interesting, we have compiled a list of activities which should be in your bucket list this winter.

Whether you decide to build a puzzle by your fireplace, or read the friend recommended Christmas novel, this editor-approved list will keep you entertained till next year. Check them out.

1. Head To Mountains

Tourism is now open in India. The snow-capped mountains are calling you to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Currently, it is snowing heavily in Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Himachal that will make your trip worth the time. Just get a Covid test done and take the report with you while heading to your next travel destination. State approved tourism buses are already plying on busy routes. The hotels are taking all the precautions while taking bookings. You can head to popular destinations like Shimla, Manali, Auli, Srinagar or make your own itinerary to some offbeat destinations.

2. Skincare Routine With DIY Products

Take this time off to take care of yourself. The most common problem related to this season is dry, patchy skin. It is better to use homemade face-packs to get back that glow in this time of the year too. You can try the following packs:

Milk Cream and Honey

The milk cream or as we call is malai is one of the best natural moisturizing creams. It makes the skin supple and soft. Add to it some honey which will clear your skin off the bacteria. This will, in turn, get rid of pimples and acne on your face. Just take one tablespoon each of milk cream and honey in a bowl and mix them well. Apply the mixture on your face and skin and leave it for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Pat dry your skin and see the result.

Banana and Milk

For dry and patchy skin, this is a very good facemask. For oily kin, you can replace milk with rosewater. Banana will help you to get rid of dead skin while milk will give you that extra glow. Just take one whole mashed banana in a bowl and add one tablespoon of milk and mix it well. Apply it on your face and neck and leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

Carrot and Honey

This face will brighten your dull and patchy skin. The beta-carotene present in carrots will lighten the dark spots while the honey will moisturize your skin. This pack will also remove dead skin cells. Just take one pureed carrot and one tablespoon of honey and mix them well. Now apply this mask on your face and rinse it off after 15 minutes.

3. Baking

Christmas is coming and so is the new year. Take the challenge of trying a new cake recipe. Alternatively, try baking some cookies for the guests. Baking in an oven keeps the whole kitchen toasty warm. Get yourself a Baking food book or try watching some online videos. By next year you will be a pro in baking.

4. Knitting

Have you tried knitting? If not, try it now! It is a very satisfying activity on your favorite cosy chair. Try knitting a simple scarf or hat for your child. Afterwards, you can move to complex sweater designs.

5. Reading Books

Welcome Christmas and New Year by reading your favorite books. The online bookstores are full of explosive novels, revealing memoirs, brilliant biographies, and everything in between. Just grab your copy and start reading today.

This winter activities will surely keep you busy during coming year end celebrations.

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