5 Fitness Tips to Kickstart your Summers

Summer is the time of exuberance. As the woollen layers shed. We shed our lethargy. Or so we hope so. We stuff our mouths with scrumptious halwa and sweets in winters. But summer is the time to choose a healthier life. As a matter of fact, we feel high energy in the air. The smell of citrus fruit keeps us on our toes. And yes, the time has come to look for fitness tips.

The time for the scorching heat is back. There are a few things you must keep in mind. Keep yourself refreshed with a lot of water or fresh juices. A regular lemonade will help you keep your body cool and regulated. 

However, given our sedentary lifestyles. It is a good idea to kickstart your summer with some fitness. In fact, there are so many ways that you can exercise.. Moreover, you should choose your regime based on your own body. Don’t let others intimidate you. Or the pace at which you go ahead!

Without further ado, here are some of the fitness tips you can do to keep yourself fit. 


fitness tips

If you are a fan of dancing and all things Bollywood. Zumba is the best for you! As a matter of fact, Bollywood dancing in itself has a lot of benefits. It exercises your whole body at once! Plugin your favourite dance numbers. You will feel physically fit. Additionally, you will also feel emotionally energised. To make matters interesting, you can ask a friend to join you over a zoom call! You should pump each other up and see the difference. In my opinion, this is the best fitness tip!


fitness tips

Given the times that we are living in, mental peace and happiness take a lot more effort to find. As a result, we are often stressed and annoyed. And we may keep looking for some fitness tips! However, Yoga is one solution to our problems. The minute we put our focus on finding peace, it is easier to do so. In fact, yoga is an old Hindu practise that has travelled all around the world. It is proven that yoga helps in regaining control over tamas. Tamas or ‘darkness’ can be controlled through deep breathing (pranayama). The asanas that are a part of yoga provide holistic relief. In fact, yoga will make your body and mind both feel loose.


fitness tips

As a matter of fact, another way to relax and energise yourself is through Pilates. Pilates is a form of low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. Even though it evolves from Yoga, it is quite different. In fact, Pilates emphasises proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. As a matter of fact, it also focuses on trying to relax muscles that are tense. It also works on providing strength to the various muscles of the body. However, you would require an instructor and proper equipment for this exercise. My fitness tip would be, don’t try this at home!


fitness tips

If you love fast-paced workouts, aerobics is the answer! Even though it is best enjoyed in a class. You can indulge in aerobics using youtube tutorials. There are many celebrities who vouch for aerobics. In fact, the goal of aerobics is of improving all elements of fitness. It is made to work on all parts of your body. 


at-home workouts are right for you if you love to pump up your heart rate! You can choose from many routines: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Based on these levels, you can find videos that you like. Typically, at-home workouts include squats, lunges, crunches and push-ups among other things. You will be able to feel the heat and the sweat coursing through you. 

To conclude, I would however say. Choose an exercise regime that suits you. Don’t try to compete with anyone but yourself! Exercising should be about fun and not stress. If you think your current regime is giving you constant pressure, you can try some of these as well! Moreover, it is a good idea to try permutations and combinations of exercises. This way you would never be bored and will look forward to exercising. Lastly, remember to keep yourself hydrated and well-fed. Being fit doesn’t mean eating less. It means, eating right and exercising right! 

In fact, you should let exercises make you happy and healthy! Because, that is and should be the end goal! And lastly, my fitness tip is- be happy in your skin!

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