34th The Garden Tourism Festival: Garden Of Five Senses

Delhi is a hub of all things culture and history. And in every corner you will find a place that gives you a peek. A part of this rich culture is the Garden of Five Senses. It is a park that aims to heighten all of the five senses. It is a hub of culture and event. A popular destination that has many interactive activities. It houses a lot of festivals for the exploration of culture. It is situated in Westend Marg, Saket. 

A walk through the garden, you realise why it is so famous. It has a variety of flowers, lush trees.. You see so many different themes along the garden. In fact there is one garden that is similar to the Mughal Gardens. It has been built over rocky terrain! A beautiful garden, it spans over 20 acres. As a matter of fact, this garden has five sections that are each devoted to one of the five senses. 

Garden of Five Senses

The Garden of Five Senses has been a remarkable landmark throughout the years. In fact, there is an interactive maze and camel rides present as well. Along with this, there are many festivals organised in this garden. One such festival is the Garden Tourism Festival. 

An annual festival held in the Garden of Five Senses is the 34th The Garden Tourism Festival. It started on 19th Feb and ends on 13th March. The festival is a colorful exploration which is hosted by Delhi Tourism and Government of Delhi. As a matter of fact, as it suggests, the festival has been celebrated for three decades. It aims at making a refreshing and colorful experience for its experience. 

The main objective of this festival is to showcase the rich floriculture of Delhi. It also aims to create awareness about the environment. There are many nurseries and horticulture suppliers (among others) who are participating in this event. 

Garden of Five Senses

This year’s festival’s theme is ‘Colors of Nature.’ There is a beautiful display of various flowers. Some of these include Dahlia, Roses, Cacti, Bonsai, Bougainvillea. There are some medicinal plants as well. You will be in awe of the atmosphere around you. You will see life size puppets hanging around the garden as part of their decoration. In fact, once you look around, you will be glad that you came here.. You will be able to bask in the beautiful sun. 

A beautiful arrangement of potted plants adorns this garden. And along with that, you will also find ceramic utensils at sale. Another interesting thing at this festival is the pottery section. You can make some beautiful pots and trinkets to take home!

There are many things you can do in this festival. It offers a lot of art and craft as well. In fact, there is an Urdu Calligraphy stall by the Academy of Urdu. You can get your name on pen, paper, key or a rice. As a matter of fact, seeing your name in Urdu will make it look even more beautiful! 

Garden of Five Senses

Moreover, it is obvious that in this zeal and enthusiasm,you will feel hunger pangs. No fear, the Garden Tourism Festival has a solution for that as well! There are various food stalls available here! Eat the scrumptious variety that this festival offers. Infact, there are some shops inside the premises that have delicious foods! Be sure to at least eat at one stall! 

Keeping in mind the pandemic.. There are measures to take care of your health. But as an added precaution, you must ensure that you keep your mask on always. In fact, you should be careful to walk away from the crowds.. It is better to walk a mile extra than to be sick. Sanitise your hands regularly. Additionally, make sure you are observing social distancing. If you are a little more scared, you can also wear gloves.. Or simply keep your own cutlery! This will ensure there is minimum contact and will be environment friendly as well! 

Hurry Up! 2 more days are left.

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