10 Romantic Songs Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Valentine dinners and gifts is what everyone plans, but noone gives considerations to the romantic songs that you can play in the background during your date. Here is a list of Valentine Romantic Songs that you can add to your playlist and make your date a superhit.

1. Perfect, by Ed Sheeran

This romantic number by Ed Sheeran has touched many people’s hearts. The depth of the songs and the lyrics will make you fall in love with your partner all over again. Play this English love song and waltz with your partner. Keep the lightings dim!

2. Just The Way You Are, by Bruno Mars

What better than this song can describe your partner? This English love song can be your partner’s entrance song. If you are dining out, ask the cafe to play this song. Don’t forget to give your partner their gift with a grand gesture.

3. A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri

This track got super hit when featured in the mega-buster Twilight series. If you are promising your partner to stay with them and take your relationship to the next level, then this song will be the perfect choice. Play this song when you are planning to propose your partner.

4. Love Me Like You Do, by Ellie Goulding

The song from the series Fifty Shades had become the romatic song anthem for all the lovers. This song is the perfect romantic number to be played while having sex. The slow and fast tempo would enhance your experience.

5. One Woman Man, by John Legend

Romantic track by John Legend is nothing more than a legend. This romantic song is for all those who are planning to propose their ladies on Valentine’s day. Don’t forget the ring!

6. Can’t Help Falling In Love, by Elvis Presley

Nothing better than a romatic track by the one-and-the-only Elvis Presley. This beautiful romatic number describes exactly how someone would feel when they fall in love with someone. Play this romantic song and enjoy a slow dance with your partner.

7. My Heart Will Go On, by Celine Dion

Everyone who has seen Titanic has loved this track. This song has been the hearts of people since the movie released. On one of the best love songs list, this song is perfect to convey your feeling if you are shy. Play this romantic number and express your feelings.

8. Words, by Boyzone

Another romantic song that perfectly expressed one’s feeling towards a person. This song can be played when you propose your partner and then of course on your wedding day! Make it your couple romantic song. It’ll be something that you’ll cherish throughout your life.

9. Always Remember Us This Way, by Lady Gaga

From the Oscar winning A Star Is Born, this rendition by Lady Gaga became a super-hit. This chart bursting romantic song will add depth to your valentine’s day date. Add this to your romantic song playlist and enjoy your candle-light dinner.

10. How Deep Is Your Love, by The Bee Gees

This song may have had a new pop version, but the romantic song by The Bee Gees rocked its time. The meodious music and out-of-the-world lyrics will make it the perfect song to be added in your Valentine’s Romantic Songs list.

In the end, we’ll just say Happy Valentine’s Day!

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