10 Notable Performances by Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar is one of the finest actors that the Hindi Film Industry has been blessed with. Born as Muhammed Yusuf Khan, he has been called the First Khan and the Tragedy King. He is often called Yusuf Saheb among his colleagues. 

One of the first actors to adopt the method acting, Dilip Kumar has given some tremendous performances that continue to rule our heart. On the legend’s 98th birthday, here are 10 of the many performances we recount of the great man!

1. Jwar Bhata (1944)

Jwar Bhata (1944) Photo Gallery: Posters & Movie Stills, Event Images | Cinestaan

Jwar Bhata was the debut film of this legendary actor. Even though it was a commercial failure, it brought Dilip Kumar to the screen. They both play beautiful and convincing characters that took every one’s heart.

2. Jugnu (1947)

Jugnu Box Office Collection | Day Wise | Worldwide - Sacnilk

The movie Jugnu brought Dilip Kumar to the forefront. This movie was his claim to fame and his first major hit in the box office after a series of unsuccessful films.

3. Tarana (1951)

Tarana (1951) Review and Romance | Raat Akeli Hain

One of the most powerful performances of Dilip Kumar, Tarana is a romantic movie that relies heavily on emotions and gestures. You’d fall in love with not only the characters but also their idea of love (and showing love).

4. Aan (1952)

Aan | Indian Cinema - The University of Iowa

After consecutively acting in tragedy films, Aan was the first comic role portrayed by Dilip Kumar. It was like a breath of fresh air to see Yusuf Saheb doing a light movie and definitely acing it.

5. Devdas (1955)

The Torment of Devdas: Kaun kambakht hai jo bardaasht karne ko peeta hai, Devdas 1955, Dilip Kumar - YouTube

One of the most revered roles portrayed by Dilip Kumar. Devdas captures the dark colors of humans, which the actor captures beautifully. His hopelessness and despair touched the hearts of many and Yusuf Saheb’s Devdas continues to be the most loved version.

6. Madhumati (1958)

Madhumati - Upperstall.com

One of the biggest hits ever directed by the illustrious Bimal Roy, Madhumati remains a movie that is unparalleled. Dilip Kumar gives a beautiful performance that adds to the concoction that this movie is!

7. Mughal-e-Azam (1960)

Madhubala: This is how Dilip Kumar confessed his love for Madhubala in a courtroom!

“Salim”… When you hear these words, you visualize the heavy baritone Prithivaj Kapoor and the naivety that Dilip Kumar represented. In one of his interviews, Dilip saheb said that the director K. Asif let the actor take control of the delineation of the character. Truly a remarkable performance!

8. Ganga Jamuna (1961)

Saudagar | Bhooli Bisri Sunheri Yaadein

Ganga Jamuna is a classic entertainer and has seen outstanding performance by Dilip saheb. The highlight of the movie in today’s age will be the simplicity and the importance given to storytelling.

9. Mashaal (1984)

Film History Pics on Twitter: "Anil Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman and Dilip Kumar in MASHAAL : released 36 years ago in 1984. Yash Chopra's film written by Javed Akhtar - based on Marathi

Although a box office failure, Mashaal is synonymous to Dilip saheb. His acting was at par and he is character is one of the few that remains to be loved.

10. Saudagar (1991)

बात-बात पर थप्पड़ लगा देते थे दिलीप कुमार, डरते थे सारे विलेन

This film helmed by Subash Ghai brought two veterans Dilip Kumar and Raaj Kumar together. 

Dilip Saheb is a favourite actor of all generations alike and he is the one that truly represents the Golden Age of Cinema. He continues to embody great performance and is synonymous of the great art that cinema was! 

Do share some of your favorite Dilip Kumar movies!

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